Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Today I went to church and then spent the rest of the day with Paul :) In about 20 minutes my mother in law is going to call and say that she is at the airport and we will go pick her up. I am excited because we really haven't seen her much in the last month. It will be good to visit for awhile.

I realized just now before I hit the "New Post" button, that I have been checking for updates on blogs and how rude it is of me to expect others to update and for me to not even do anything. So here it goes.

Sunday I worked the morning and part of the afternoon, my working was broken up in the middle with a visit from Nathan, Katie and Alia. I was very very very glad for their visit. I loved seeing them as parents and I loved being able to share the baby joy. We also loved getting to visit with Nathan and Katie, hadn't seen them since September. With our upcoming move we are going to try to visit them a lot in the next few months cause really who knows when after that we will see them in person again. Well there are webcams... lol. Alia was a great little sleeping baby for most of the time they were here and I got to love on her some. She is just so lovely... and then I start singing the "Isn't she lovely" Song by Stevie Wonder. Which apparently was written about his daughter... or that's what the lyrics would suggest. But yes that song fits Alia.

Monday I stayed home and took Paul to the Oral Surgeon, he had his wisdom teeth taken out on Monday (all four). Lots of fun, this week is a drugged up week for him. He took off the whole week so he can heal. He only has 3 more working days and then 4 months severance and looking for a job. :( It will be a crazy time for us.

Busyness in the church season it seems... services for all the different holidays. Normally I have been in VA with my family for the holidays so I've not been here in Wisconsin for Christmas, my first White Christmas in Wisconsin and probably my last.

Um anyways, not making much sense, or I feel like I'm not. I wonder if Paul slipped me one of his pills... Hmm.

Going to work tomorrow :( OH well, gotta keep the money coming in. We need to plan vacation time this year. I might be able to take all my paid vacation before we move, which will be good.

Well later... gotta finish dishes. Bye!

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