Monday, January 5, 2009

It's been great!

The last four days I have been off... well mostly, yesterday I went in for 6 hours to work, but today I am off. I was off on Friday and Saturday. The only reason I had to go in to work Sunday was because of an emergency... but not sure really if what I did yesterday was in vain or if we are really using all the work I did. Meh, oh well. Sometimes this job is very aggravating.

The problem was this... a store called someone saying "Our ad for Thursday has Sunday dates, what do you want us to do." So everyone goes into panic mode... questions arise like "Did it go out to the customers? What day will the consumer see the ad? Can we get it built and down there for the store?... Why did this happen?" and more... so the part that affects me is the building of the ad, can we get it built. Well the answer is Yes. I did this thing called "cloning" where we literally copy one set of ad dates to another and just use different ad groups (ad groups are just an easier way for us to build an ad for a group of stores, we can put whichever stores in there we want to get it to work). So Yesterday I did this, I copied it all. Well normally that doesn't take 6 hours, that took me about an hour and a half. After that I had to double check everything to make sure it cloned correctly. We have some promotion types that don't clone well, either because of the way they are set up or because of vendor issues. So I double checked all of that. And that is what took up most of my time. I made sure that everything matched the ad purrfectly :), and it did. After I was done, my boss was telling me that his boss wasn't even sure if this ad was going to even hit the consumer at all, they might have the correct ad at the papers. How stupid and annoying is that. So all the work I did yesterday may not even be used today. I am not at work to do anything about it, but at least they will pay me for the 6 hours of working. It just feels like such a waste of time. It really was a waste in that this shouldn't ever happen.

Paul thinks I should find out who did it and impress upon them how much time they wasted of mine. That's 6 hours I could have been spending doing something else this week. I hope I don't get behind because of it. :(

Well anyways... so I lied, it hasn't been "great" but part of it has, the days off have been good. I love spending this time with Paul.

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