Thursday, March 5, 2009


I am horrible with it, not at it... I am great at the art of Procrastinating.

Tuesday and Today were spent cleaning out the bedroom and packing up all the clothes. I took four bags of clothes to Goodwill and now finally have everything packed and ready to be loaded on the truck in the bedroom. I packed us a suitcase of clothes to wear for the next week and a half, so if you see me in the same shirt twice... well I am sorry, it's because I have only so many shirts packed. I am washing them in between wearing the items... :)

Wednesday I spent that mostly doing errands. Went to Goodwill, then went to the post office to send a package to my sister of VHS tapes my sister wanted. Which reminds me... if anyone else is interested I have a bunch of VHS tapes that we are getting rid of... we have decided we don't watch them and if for some reason we want to own them then we will buy them in DVD. So I actually should say it's all of my VHS is going away. By mid next week I will be taking them to either the church for the church rummage sale or to half price books. Probably the church.
After sending the package I went to the Sears repair center to drop our vacuum off for some maintenance. That is done and we have to wait until 3/14 to get the vacuum back... so this whole packing thing will be interesting. Will wait to vacuum until 3/14... so no one can come over... :) JK Just don't expect me to have a clean home. :)
The other thing I did was get ink for the printer.
Then at 5 I went to go do the Taxes. Got them done, took the papers home for Paul to sign, then went back to the Tax place and had to wait another hour to finish it. So I didn't get to go to church because it took too long. *sigh* At least that was my only complaint about my day... so that's good.

Tomorrow I start on the next room, and I do lunch I think with people from where I used to work. Not sure yet though, will have to call them perhaps. Bowling tomorrow night with the group, so that should be fun. :)

Time is going by so fast... it always does this.

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