Monday, March 9, 2009


Edit: Just wanted to say that there are more than just the movies pictured above. There are 6 different pictures if you click on the link.

I have decided that we aren't keeping any of our VHS tapes. I would like to make sure that if anyone else wants them that they get first dibs on them before I give them to the church for the rummage sale. So please let me know if you want any of these. If you email me your address I can mail them to you or plan on dropping them off somewhere for you (like maybe asking someone to hold onto them until they see you next or whatever).

My email is, please let me know if any of these are of interest to you and I will gladly make a package and send it by Friday.

Otherwise packing is going ok, it's kind of crazy how much stuff I still need to pack, but then again I haven't packed the kitchen yet. So we will see. Anyways, talk to you all later. Will try to keep you updated.


Rachel said...

I don't want any of them, but I just had to say:
10th Kingdom! Yay! I just made Matt watch it, and he loved it as much as I do... such a great, great, silly, ridiculous, dark movie.

Cassie said...

Yes I love the movie as well. If no one claims it or wants it I might just keep that one... :) We will see though. There are also more pictures than just that one, I think I have over 40 movies that I am giving away. Just in case you didn't see the rest.