Sunday, May 10, 2009

Health Update

After two miserable days, Paul is still pretty miserable, but a little better today. We didn't go to church today and I don't think he will be working tomorrow.

So far my only ailment are headaches and a little bit of achyness. No stomach problems though. Not sure if it's something I will have or if I will be ok. We will see. :(

Trying to keep up with dishes and laundry stuff while I can, and hope that I don't get sick.

The cat is being snuggly... :) In his own way that is... He sits behind my head and makes a great pillow. :) He will let me pet him a small bit but if it is too long he will get up... so I do a little bit of petting and enjoy the warm headrest with the tail that moves every now and then around my ear. :)

Now we are watching the history channel... something about the Pope, the inquisition and Galileo... I guess there's a movie or something with Ewan McGregor in it... that is religious. Hmm Love the way he talks.

Interesting. I think I might go play WoW some now though. I am finally leveling one of my level 70 characters and on my way to Level 80 with my hunter Aimilis :) We will see. I figure while I am enjoying playing I should keep playing.


Katsuke said...

The movie with Ewan McGregor is the sequel to DaVinci Code. I don't recall the title, but we saw a preview for it when we saw Star Trek.

Cassie said...

I think it's called Demons and Angels or Angels and Demons... they were doing this History channel thing on the movie and the real facts yesterday. It was interesting.