Friday, May 8, 2009


Paul is sick, woke up at 3:30 am and kept me up with him until 4:30 throwing up. And I got to do clean up until 5. Then he woke me up again a bit later and then at 7 to say he was waking up and he needed me in the living room to get him things. :(

I hate when there is sickness in our house... we both deal with it differently. I tend to go to sleep, forever and ever until the sickness is done. He tends to think about it... So right now he's in the living room with a glass of water and toast and is watching Seinfeld.

Which by the way, we got 4 more seasons of Seinfeld for under $30.00. Woohoo! :) I love Seinfeld.

Time for breakfast I think... not sure what I will eat, I just know I should probably go to the grocery store and pick up Ginger ale for Paul so that he has something for his belly besides water, although he needs to drink water to avoid dehydration. :(

Oh one other update in a way, we might have one of our friends moving in with us... he has had really bad luck with his family (they are almost all drug addicts and don't do a thing to make the situation better, they are on welfare and don't really work towards finding jobs... these people make other people hate the welfare system). Anyways, we told him if he wanted to get out of the house and try to start things on his own, that we would help him out and give him a place to stay for awhile. Hopefully he can get his GED or high school diploma and find a job and then a place to rent. We told him he could come here and use our internet and stuff, and really the place to stay would just need to be a place that he could sleep in and keep his stuff (what little of it there is). I hope he takes us up on this offer... we will see though. You never know with people... he might like not working and just having a place to hang out in.

That's all. Breakfast time!


Susan said...

Is this a friend from "the old days" or have you been meeting new folks and making friends recently? (Still praying for your family situation...)

Cassie said...

This is a friend from WoW so yes, old days in a way. We have known him online for the last two years. We met him in person for the first time in March and then he came up this past weekend to spend the night and hang out. He lives in Oregon so now that he's close we actually can help him.

And the family situation is the same. My sister in law is talking to me and we do have plans to hang out every now and then (she is a hermit just like my husband, hard to get hermits out sometimes). I have been meeting people at church, doing a quilting group and have met a lot of really nice older women. Slowly I think we will get to know the other people in church. Last week they had a potluck lunch but we couldn't stay because both of us weren't feeling good (headaches and such).

Still trying though, to make new friends. It's hard when you don't really go out that often... We are trying to change that too... :)