Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It's not a surprise that it is raining here... just it seemed that when other people were complaining about rain lately, we were getting beautiful days. Today it is raining.

Just went to get Paul lunch, burger king, he is definitely feeling better if he can eat a Whopper Value meal and still feel good.

Went to the grocery store too while out to pick up some toilet paper... 9 pack of mega Quilted Northern for 4.99 when you buy 3... Well I personally dislike it when stores do this whole thing of buy more save more... blah. But I figured we do use toilet paper and that is one thing you don't want to run out of ... ever. I can pass the buy 10 cans of tuna deals, and the buy 20 packages of mac n cheese. But when I can save $12.00 when I buy three packages of toilet paper... well I think that's a good deal. Also we do have a spot for it, so that makes it even better.

Goal for today: To hang the pictures up... I have them all sitting and ready to be hung, just need to go around the apartment and poke holes in my walls. This is a record if I can do it today, considering every other place it's been at least 6 months to hang pictures. The first two places I lived in when in Wisconsin I didn't hang any pictures... and that was 3 years of my life in Wisconsin. The last place I lived in, it took about 6 months before I hung any up. This time I am at... 3 months! Woohoo, it's a record.

Other thing to do today is going to the library, I need to return two books. One I couldn't renew cause it was requested by someone. These were due on May 8th... I am a little behind, it doesn't help that we had both been sick the last 4-5 days... oh well. 25 cents isn't going to break us. :)

I might try to get the dishes done today too, they are piling up and really need to be put in the dishwasher... it's hard to do things when you don't feel good. Every day Paul was sick I would get to the end of the evening and think "I should do the dishes cause I don't know if I will be feeling up to it tomorrow, I might be sick." And sure enough eventually I was sick...

Gotta plan dinner tonight too, maybe something simple, some rice and veggies with chicken or something. That would probably do well in our bellies.

Well anyways, off to the library then back here to do the few things that are on my to do list.

By the way, I love Paperbackswap... just got this quilting book in the mail. I should go through and make a list of the books I have gotten. It's a lot of cooking/quilting books. Perhaps I should branch out to something different. Hmm, maybe.

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