Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Other blogs...

Oh feeling better today, just sleepy, very sleepy. Might go back to bed here in a bit. Being sick really does take a lot out of you doesn't it?

Paul is feeling better too, he is now in his second day back at work. He bought a new keyboard.... Kinesis Ergonomic Pro

Sometimes I find bits of interest from other peoples blogs... I guess that's why we read them. This one I found especially amusing. I think some people who read my blog might like hers too.

Click Here

Hope you enjoy. Now to continue some reading online.


nathan fischer said...

How on earth can he write with that thing?!?! I think it would drive me nuts. ;-P

Cassie said...

Well when your other keyboard is killing your wrist... and this is the one they say fixes it... well it would be pretty easy to get used to. He said that he has gotten used to it pretty quick as well. It does look kind of crazy, and against what we normally think of when we see keyboards.