Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Feeling better today, spent it resting.

Applied for a job today at the church preschool, for a Teacher's assistant job. Just got a call asking if I could come in for an interview next Tuesday at 5:00, so that's exciting. The job would be three days a week from sometime in the morning till about noon or so. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. So we will see.

Don't need to work right now, but might be nice to have some time outside of the house, with little 3-5 year olds. :) Make some friends with the mommies and the teacher.

Anyways, that's about it as far as update goes.

I did just miss the boat on WoW! mrgl mrgl. OH well. There will be another one soon. :)


Laura said...

That sounds like a good fit for you...and fun, too!

Cassie said...

I hope so. :) I know a few other people from church applied as well, not sure if they are going to interview all or just some. it does sound like fun, the lady who is leaving was telling me some of the job duties and it sounds like a good fit. I am wonderful at helping, which is a lot of the assistants job.