Monday, July 20, 2009

A couple of things...

So I added Google reader shared items thing on the right there... so I can share with you what I am reading that I find cool. That last one about freezing eggs... interesting and interesting. :)

I also want to make a list of people I want to make things for... projects that I would like to do. So here I go...

Mom - need to finish quilt that I am making her, cut more strips to add two more rows of blocks, that should make it plenty wide enough for mom and dad's cal king waterbed. :)
Lukas - making him a tumbling block rag quilt, and really want to get it done, all the pieces are cut and freezer paper is on them. I have sewn together 4 sets and only have like 50 more to go. Then I need to cut batting and start sewing each grouping together and quilt them. Then piece together each grouping... anyways, lots to still do.
Paul - he wants a quilt, which makes sense... cause quilts are awesome! I have a few ideas, I have some squares I bought at a thrift store thing, all different sizes... might do something with those, haven't decided yet. Ponders. I also want to do a sampler quilt for Paul and I, so I might do that instead. We will see though.
Katie - There is a little thing I want to make her, I know what it is, just need to start it. Will probably be done by hand since it's a mini thing. Can't post pictures or anything until I actually do it for her.
My cousin's baby boy - have some ideas but nothing planned yet. Just want to make a baby quilt for him.
My other cousin's baby girl - have some cute fabrics just need to find a quilt pattern.
Mia - told her on facebook that I would make her something... so should do that. I haven't decided yet, she loves Bono and Dragonball Z and hmm... Might make her a cute bag or something... maybe I can make her a stuffed Trunks... that would be totally unique... or a stuffed Bono. Still thinking. Any good ideas? She is a unique person and definitely needs something interesting.
Grace - A friend from WoW and told her on facebook that I would make her something... I saw a dead cat bag the other day that I can't get out of my head as an idea for her. I might have to really do that, it was an interesting idea. Still thinking though.
For myself I want to make skirts and shirts. I am tired of going shopping and having a hard time finding clothes to wear. I am thinking of reusing some of my jean pants to make a jean skirt that I like... and I have an awesome shirt that I love that I want to make more of... so I am going to try to copy that. Anyone know of any comfy shirt patterns? I love the short sleeved button up shirts that fit loosely everywhere, cause tight clothes really are not my thing (my psoriasis hates it!).
My sister in law Katie - I want to make her a Tea Time Quilt... my own name for it, but I have a tea pot pattern, called Tea Hee Hee and I want to do a Tea Party kind of thing, and do a quilt of Tea like things... so I might do a lot of Applique of Tea things. I got the perfect fabric for it... she collects blue willow and I found some blue willow fabric! how awesome is that! So I am going to make the tea set on the quilt out of the Blue Willow fabric! I will have to post pictures sometime later.
Paul probably would like a tea party quilt too, so we will see.
My brother in law Dave - is a gnome and I will one day make him a gnome quilt.
Dad - needs some kind of quilt, but I have yet to find one that just says... Dad! He's really into lawn care and softball and basketball... and well just things. He likes doing stuff and being busy... maybe I should make a nice relaxing quilt for him. Perhaps a Water, Grass, Earthy kind of quilt.
My cousin's wife Katie has a quilt she wants made, so I will eventually do that.
(did you notice how many Katie's are in my life! That's not even the end of it... I have a friend named Katie ( would love to make her and her husband/daugther some kind of quilt but we will see how far in quilt making I get before I give up... I hope I never give up on this though, I do enjoy it so much.)
Lady at the Thrift store - want to make her a cobbler apron... anyone know of a pattern? I keep buying fabric and she asks me if I am making an apron... and then says she wishes she had one for work... and stuff, so who knows, might end up making her one. :)

Um I guess that's my list for now... if you don't see yourself on the list, please don't be upset because it's just a thing and I am tired. If you think I should have had you on that list of projects then let me know... :) I wouldn't want to leave someone out. I would have put my grandma's on that list, but they are both not really needing anything new to have around since they are both giving away things to the rest of us. So I will just make things to show them. :)

Well it's time for sleeping... :)



Tonya's Sewing Room said...

WOW, now that's a to do list. Good Luck with that.

Melissa said...

I like that Google Reader shared items thing. I might try that. And good luck on your list!

Jeff said...

I want a tie... can you knit a tie?

Lukey's Mommy said...

I love this blog... good stuff, Cass.