Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I want to adopt her!

What a cutie cat... Cassie!

If only Paul would let us have another cat... we could have one named after me! I don't think he will allow it.

The only reason I found her today was because I was looking for a job for Aaron... I have the phone book out and am googling business's in hopes that someone might have a help wanted plea on a website. After that I think we are going to have to drop Aaron off at the other end of the county and he can walk back until he finds a job!

I keep looking though... and hope that I will find something that will work. I have found a few places and have sent him on his way to look at them. Oh wow it's 11 already... I guess soon it will be lunch time. I am thinking sandwiches are a good thing, with a bit of fruit of some sorts... maybe some grapes and peaches. This has been our thing... I make foods with bits of fruits and Paul eats them. Last night I made Sheperd's pie... maybe he will want that for lunch today... we'll see. I hadn't ever made that before, it was pretty easy. I used the recipe out of the Dining on a Dime cookbook that I have. Hmm apparently it's an ebook as well. Interesting.

Ok well off I go to keep googling things. And by the way, I have never heard of a pet named Cassie... weird. I guess I might have once or twice but I don't think of that as a pet name.

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