Thursday, July 16, 2009

Health and life

In case I didn't mention it before... Paul has been having shoulder problems over the last few months. He went to the doctor about 3 weeks ago, the doctor gave him some pain meds and did an x-ray to see what was up. Last Thursday we went to the doctor and got to view the x-ray. We had thought it was from working and typing all the time (it might still be that which caused the situation to start hurting), what we found out was that there are two bones there that should be almost touching and his bones have about an inch of separation, not sure what is in there between the bones. So in three weeks Paul gets to go to another doctor, a specialist and we will get his shoulder looked at by them. The first time Paul went to the doctor they took his blood, to test for a thyroid problem and other things, to kind of see if Paul had any medical reason for gaining weight. Well the results of that was that he just has gained weight over the last few years. Since they had his blood, they tested his cholesterol also and that was high. The doctor gave him medicine to lower it. We are also drastically changing our diet so that we can live longer and healthier lives (we hope anyways!).

Another thing is that I have known for awhile that I have had cholesterol issues and my blood pressure isn't exactly high, but it's not low either, it's at the edge. I don't really like that. So now that Paul has issues too, it's great that we get to eat healthier and exercise... all together! I hated doing it by myself, but now I make us both the same healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner and off we go! :)

With our CSA box we are getting in lots of veggies, and I add some extra things from the grocery store, lots of fruit. And I am doing what they suggest and mostly staying away from the food in the middle of the store. I need to go to the store today... I hope that goes well and that we don't spend too much money on things we don't need in our diets.

And wow I am tired... although today really wasn't that much stuff done, i have loaded the dishwasher twice... I have made breakfast and lunch.... I have driven Aaron for an hour around doing job things... and that's it I guess, will be going to the store today though. Maybe it's a lack of sleep, did go to bed at 2am and woke up at 8am. It's also 80ish outside and the heat is making me sleepy. Gotta get stuff done... taking out the trash, cleaning up the gaming area, making my grocery list.

ok so I keep nodding off... gonna go. I found a blog/websitee earlier while reading blogs that has tutorials on how to make different bags. I think I need to get up now and not fall asleep again.

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