Friday, July 3, 2009

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

So... the 24th I left to go to VA to visit with family. It was a great trip! I don't think I will go into details so much as to just say that I love every one in my family and really wish this country were smaller. My nephew Lukas is the cutest thing in the world, and I wish I could be with him all the time. He learns so quickly and it's so fun to watch him explore the world.

I came back from my trip on Wednesday the 1st. It has been a rough few days, have been on an emotional roller coaster, crying here and there for reasons and non-reasons. I think my emotions have calmed down a bit, although I am still tired so you never know when they will erupt again. Last night we picked up two friends from the airport, they flew in from Chicago to spend time with us, I am enjoying their company. Last night we went to this awesome diner! and I just have to say that Dave's Diner in Seatac is wonderful, I will hopefully be taking people there for many times in the future. I hope! Today we started the day with breakfast made by me... homefries, sausage and toast (I took my potatoes and sausage and made breakfast burritos, the rest of the folks just ate them the way they were). After breakfast we climbed into a car, 5 adults, so we had three people in the back and me driving and another person in the passenger seat... made for a long ride, but we made it to our destination... MT. ST. HELENS! :) It was awesome! I would go many many more times if people felt so inclined. I will post pictures later. We have been trying to stay cool the last 5 hours of being home... so far it's kind of working. We have been playing Settlers of Catan and have had a great time. Now they are out on a walk, I chose to stay home to enjoy some quiet for a little bit. And to catch up on some emailing and stuff. Not sure what we are doing tomorrow... I know there's breakfast in the park and then there's a parade so we might do those things.

I am trying to also catch up on my blog reading... I have been trying while on vacation last week too... gosh it's hard. :) I will eventually, also need to do some cleaning, will do that Monday or Sunday night. Hope everyone is good. And wanted to let you know I am good too. :) Bye!

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