Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Friend's Blog

My friend Angela has started a blog. It's about how non-domestic of a housewife she is. And I have to say that I feel like this almost all the time. I enjoy two things about being a housewife... well maybe three. I love doing the dishes (now that I have a dishwasher). I also enjoy running the vacuum (especially if I can do it with the hard floors also). I love doing laundry (the mountain becomes big but I really don't mind the folding and putting away). Everything else though... well I struggle. Sometimes I enjoy cooking but that's a rare thing.

Anyways, back to Angela's blog... please go visit, she will make you laugh for sure, she makes me chuckle, probably because I relate to her so well on those feelings.

Little life update for me... I am sick... ick. I went to the doctor... it's not strep and it is a virus of some sorts. So I am going to try staying quarantined until I know what is up. They are running a test today for Mono, so we will see. The doctor and I were both surprised it wasn't strep. I suppose that's a good thing. Although mono isn't a good thing... so we will see. mere.

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