Friday, July 24, 2009

More giveaways... I know I know!

I just can't help it, they are so cool and the things I could potentially win are awesome... and I love fabric, and pincushions! And bags... so here we go. A few that I found tonight ( I finally finished going through my google reader, it has taken forever! to catch up from going on vacation).

First up is... Threadling, which is a new website for sewing/quilting/crafting people. She just made it so it's hard to say what will exactly be written about, but I am up for new things and I am sure there will be something there for you if you are a sewing/quilting/crafting person. She is giving away a pincushion that she made. :) One of my loves! You have until July 30th to enter!

Second up is... The Farm Chicks. They are giving away buttons!, Fabric, trimmings, spices, notepads, and vintage dinnerware. Just have to tell them about a trip to New York if you have been, and what you loved. You have until July 26th to enter!

Third up is... Simply This and The Other. She is giving away a Table topper for one person and a table runner and pillow for another person. Comment three times with her different requests for each and you are in! You have until August 3rd to enter!

Fourth up is... Karamat Designs. She is doing a giveaway, a pay it forward giveaway. If you win you are asked to consider doing one yourself. You have until July 27th in the AM to enter!

Fifth up is... During Quiet Time. She is giving away a baby dress for a newborn girl. :) My cousin's wife is due in September so this would be perfect! You have until July 27th in the AM to enter!

Sixth up is... Sew take a hike. She is giving away a quilt she has named the Surrender quilt. She tells the story of how she started making it, and what a beautiful story it is. The quilt is wonderful and the quilting is great as well. You have until July 26th at 5pm to enter!

Seventh up is... Mommy and Beyond giving away notecards made by Amy at It's a Good Sign. The postcards are beautiful and I think I will frame them if I win them. I love thread and spools of thread... :) You have until July 26th to enter!

Eighth up is... Faithful Quilter. She is giving away a quilters stimulus package that is filled with surprise things! You have until July 27th to enter!

Ninth up is... Stretching a Buck. She is giving away a Spring Los Angeles Designer Lunch Tote. These look pretty cool. You have until July 25th to enter!

Tenth up is... Frugal Femina. They are giving away the second book written by Stephanie Reed. The books are about the underground railroad and a family that was part of it. You have until July 25th 8am EST to enter!

Eleventh up is... Etsy Trashion. They are giving away such a collection of things that it's best if you just stop by and see (here is a picture of the giveaway). There are also lots of etsy stores that are having sales this week too! You have until July 27th to enter!

Twelth up is... The Fabric Shopper. She is giving away a pattern and 3 yards of fabric! :) You have until July 26th to enter!

I guess that's all... :) You thought I would keep on going didn't you? Didn't know when I would stop. Well at least it's all in one blog post and not 12 different ones! right?! :)

Have fun!


amylouwho said...

Giveaways are fun! I hope you win something!

Thanks for spreading the word about mine!

Mystica said...

I came by your blog by accident. I think its a very nice gesture of spreading the word about giveaways. I am late for almost all of them but I wanted to thank you.


Cassie said...

Your welcome Mystica. :) I enjoy giveaways so much so I figure I would share them with others so that they could enjoy them as well.