Thursday, September 17, 2009

Last night...

Well I am doing better this morning. Kind of, still kind of cranky... wish I knew why.

On another note... last week went to the doctor to have my yearly physical done. Blood work was done, and my cholesterol is a little bit higher than it should be. Although I believe it's lower than what it has been in the past... I would have to go scrounging through paperwork in the office... perhaps once Aaron is gone. Anyways... I hate having blood work done... my veins do not "pop" out like a lot of peoples... they hide! The place we went won't even go in my arms anymore... they have had to get blood from me twice now, and the first time they did go into both of my arms only to find no blood. Then they went into the top of my hand. This time they just went into the top of my hand FOUR times.... for me... someone who HATES needles, well this was just lovely and fun, NOT! Everything else was normal so woohoo! Now to lose this excess weight as I lower my cholesterol. Been taking Fish Oil supplements, Fiber supplements, and Vitamin C... I am trying to find a multivitamin that will work for me... most of them make me sick. My mom says they made me sick because of the Iron in them, so I have found a supplement that doesn't have the Iron in it, and we will see.

Paul has taken off of work today cause he isn't feeling well. I think it might be a catch up day on rest and stuff. Wow it's 9 am already... been up since 6. I want to finish quilting the little girl quilt that I was making... so I might do that this afternoon or something.

Anyways, Imma gonna go. :) bye!


Susan said...

Have you tried whole-food vitamins? We used to buy a generic brand from my health-food store in Janesville. Now I make green drink instead; it's basically the whole-food vitamins that you mix into water instead of swallowing the stuff in capsules. To find them, try googling "life essentials multi-vitamin and mineral with whole food concentrates." They're packaged under many different labels, but the ingredients and basic title is the same. They should run in the vicinity of $20 for a month's worth of tablets (at the 3-per-day rate; we usually only took 1-per-day).

Cassie said...

I will check them out. So far the vitamins I took today are doing fine... no sickness or anything :) They are the One a day Gummie multivitamins for Adults. I used to take the woman's multi and that really made me feel bad (headaches and stomach sickness)

Sara said...

Enjoy the day working on your quilt - we all need a day like that.

One of us Dragonfryes said...

Hi Cassie,

I awarded your blog the Kreativ Blogging Award. I hope you do not mind. Here is my blog post

I hope October is finding you feeling better.