Thursday, October 29, 2009

Google Voice...

One of the coolest things ever.

I just signed up for it and I put a little thing there on the right hand side of my blog... so if you ever are like "I want to talk to Cassie but I don't know her number." Well this will allow you to call me, just press the call me button and put your name in there and your phone number and mark keep number private if you don't want me to know how to get in touch with you... and google will go to your phone and call me through your phone. Cool isn't it?

So please try it! Just not before 8am Pacific time cause I will be asleep or making breakfast or something so yeah. :) But I would love to hear from you. :)

Oh and life for us is going well. I am quilting and knitting. Working on a dishcloth now and working on my $5.00 quilt club blocks. Finished my first block for that group and all went well. :)

I am looking for a part time job so just kind of seeing how things go with some of my applications and hoping I am getting one of the jobs soon. Who knows. I am thinking the lack of response is indication of no job... but oh well. I interviewed last Thursday at this Foot and Ankle place and went in on Friday to hang out and see what they do. I loved it! So now I am just having to wait for them to tell me if they want me to work there or not. So who knows.

My iron broke tonight and thank goodness for Goodwill cause I got a "new" to me iron tonight for $4.00 :) hurray! and I used it tonight and I love it! Got a new jacket from the thrift store the other day too for $5.00 :) It has been a good thrifting run. :)

Oh switched from sprint to verizone wireless too, got a new phone, that was fun.

And my sister is pregnant! so woot. She is 14 weeks along, almost 15 and she is very excited. I get to see her and her family in three weeks so I am very very excited about that.

Joined a crafting group that meets right now once a week and we sit in a coffee shop and craft and talk. :) it is great.

I think that's all for now... I will try to be better about updating, I mean it has been a whole month! Wow.

Later gaters!

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