Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Been awhile...

Well I thought I should get on here and update a little bit for people. :)

It's been two months since I have been on here, a little bit longer by a few days.

Anyways, one important change is that I got a job. I got THE job, at the Foot and Ankle place. And I do love it! There are always things about new jobs that aren't desirable... like for me the not knowing anything and feeling like you don't know anything. Ick I hate the throwing you into the fire learning method that some places are forced to use because they don't have extra money/time to train you right. Oh well I have learned a lot though...

1. I learned how to do feet, ankle and heel x-rays. Every now and then I still need to refer to notes that I have taken but with time I think I will learn everything I need to know... I hope anyways.

2. I assist the doctor with Ingrown nail procedures, that's kind of fun. I had this done to me a few years ago so I am very sympathetic to the patients when it comes to this. Thank goodness for them though that Dr. Dujela is great at them! He is really good at numbing the patients. Part of this procedure stuff that I have learned is how to fill the syringes with the lidocaine. That's fun.

3. I am learning all kinds of new terms and lingo. That part is scary though because I honestly don't know some of these things. I have tried to study up on them but it's hard. I bet there are other people out there without jobs who would do great at this job, so every day I try harder because I want to do well and would like for my boss to think I am doing well too.

There are other things but those are the three that stand out when I think of my job.

One thing since working there that I have decided I need to do... is loooooooooosee lots of weight. I don't like being obese and for a long time I was in denial, then I was in a lose it mode, then in acceptance when it wasn't coming off. But one thing I have learned is that it doesn't matter if it doesn't come off right away, I need to keep trying and trying. Keep eating right, keep exercising and keep at it. I see a lot of patients at the office with diabetes and if there's one thing that I know for sure is that I do not ever want to be told I am diabetic. I don't want diabetic ulcers or neuropathy or any of the other things that come with it.

So here it is... I weigh 238 as of today and I need to lose at least 70 pounds. One of the things we got recently for ourselves was a Wii and I went out and spent some of my work money on Wii Fit because I think it will work if we do that every single day. So since 12/24 I have only missed one day of Wii Fitting and I will not miss any more if I can help it. I have also found a diet that I think will work, that is healthy and seems to make sense. It's called the Fiber35 Diet, there is a website online where you can register yourself and it has all the meal plans and stuff on there. The plan is that you should eat at least 35 grams of fiber in a day. Fiber does great things for you! It helps lower blood sugar, helps move fat out of your body quicker, helps digestion, and there were some other things she listed in the book. Anyways, the point... is that I have heard these things before with weight watchers and I actually lost 25 pounds doing weight watchers so I am thinking if I do it again perhaps not with the weight watcher program but following the meal plan of this other diet then I will hopefully lose the weight and be happy!

I mentioned last time that my sister is pregnant, well they found out they are having a little boy. His name is Jameson Levi. :) I am excited to have another nephew. :)

I haven't been quilting/sewing as much lately because Paul and I have been playing World of Warcraft again, but hopefully I will get back into the swing of things and begin crafting some more. :)

And for right now that's all... I have this pressing need to finish laundry... and perhaps clean off my dresser... maybe. We will see.

Anyways, hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. :)

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