Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just one Star blocks and Quilt for Japan

Over at 1 choice for quilting and P.S. I quilt, they are doing giveaways for folks that make star blocks to send to Moda that will be put into a quilt and sent to a soldier to let him/her know that people are thinking about them and supporting them. A little bit of home in every quilt. So I thought, "I can do that" and will be working on them tonight and tomorrow.

The details are listed on both of their blogs. I think I will make two, one for each of them. The instructions don't look too hard, and I have extra fabric, even know of a good blue to be used. :)


The other one is over at Love Laugh Quilt where she is making a quilt to donate to Japan Tsunami victims, so she is asking for blocks made by people to be sent to her, she will put together the top and quilt it, and then send it to Quilter's Newsletter and they will send it to Japan to someone who needs it.

The block that she is asking to be made isn't difficult and could be done by anyone with fabric and a sewing machine.


Hope everyone is enjoying this wet Sunday, I'm sure it isn't wet all over, but here in Wisconsin it is not too pretty outside, but wet means eventually green! :)

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Rita said...

Enjoy making them! It is bright and sunny here in Texas and all the flowers are beginning to bloom. Keep watching for them!