Sunday, March 20, 2011

How I spent my evening

I spent it picking out fabrics for my blocks and making the two blocks that I will be sending off tomorrow in the mail. I might end up making more blocks for both of them but for now just the one each.

This one (above) is going to be in the quilt for Japan.

And this one is going to go down to Texas to the Moda office and will be put into a quilt for a soldier... OH right I was supposed to write my name on it. I will have to see if I have the correct ink.

And this is my sewing machine, my lovely friend who helps me get all my blocks pieced and quilting done. :)

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Rita said...

Looks like you are a quilter. It is a good feeling to give one to others, isn't it? I have made a quilt for each one in my family. I used to quilt them by hand, but now I just quilt them on the machine, when I get around to quilting. Haven't done any in a while. My son's and nephew's weddings were the last one's I quilted.