Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday Giveaways!

So rather than flooding people with a million posts in one day... I will combine them daily, so one giveaway post a day. Seems fair right? :) Then I can enter giveaways, blog about them and still let anyone who follows my blog go check them out. :)

First giveaway that I would like to mention is at Quilty Habit she is doing a giveaway, and a tutorial. First the tutorial is on how to make these cute little fabric magnets... I am already thinking of some neat gifts that could be made and given to people, especially nephews who are so awesome that they need fabric magnets... this would be one way for me to give presents to them without spending any extra money (well except on batting and magnets). And to give presents to friends kids and stuff. I am excited! :) Oh her giveaway is... a set of four magnets! Of your choosing no less. So that's awesome! :) Not sure what I would choose... or what options there are, but I can think of some cute things.

Second giveaway that I will mention is at Alderwood Quilts. She is giving away a copy of the book "Weekend Wonders" by Pamela Mostek. It looks like a great book, the front cover has a pretty quilt shown. I always love quilts that can be put together quickly but are still pretty and still handmade. :) So I am sure if I got this book and made one of the quilts out of it that I would probably not get them done in a weekend, but I could try! :) So go over there if you would like a chance to win this book.

That's it for now... I will be adding in some if I find any, otherwise this is it for today! :)

Adding a third giveaway from Sew Jewely, she is giving away multiple things, all fabric, but different ways you can win them. :) And she has some cute posts about her other projects, a very talented artist indeed, not just fabric art, but other textiles. :)

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