Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One Flower and lots of snow...

So I joined One Flower Wednesday (link in sidebar) and am really excited to make a grandmother's garden quilt. Here's the thing though... I started my garden with some flowers previously started and some completed by someone else. *gasp* I know! But they were a great thrift store find. I really had a hard time saying "No" to these wonderful started pieces. So I said yes. Now I want to find a way to incorporate them all into a quilt.

These two and a half flowers were already done/started. The one on the right, the blue one, well I don't have the fabric that this person used. For some of them the group included a whole batch of extra fabric... like that green one in the front left there is a half one of those, but there was also the parts to complete it... so once I finish that one i will have two green flowers. The yellow one in the top left also has additional fabric not yet cut up... so I am looking forward to making an additional one of those.

This flower was one of the half done ones. :) I added in the bottom 7 hexagons and finished it off. I really like this fabric... a lot! There were some of this one left, but not enough for a whole flower, so I might make a multi colored flower or something. We'll see. So this week I haven't done a lot, but I did sew on some hexagons! :)

Now you probably noticed that I also said... "lots of snow" well yes, I woke up to snow falling. Yay! Although I am ready, really ready for spring to be here. And Summer. I love the longer days, and sometimes I even love the warmer weather... we do have an AC in this apartment so that will be nice, but I would love to just get in the habit of windows open. Not sure what we will do... summer here in wisconsin is a lot different than summers in Washington. So we will see.

Yesterday I got all my chores done, only thing I didn't do was call the insurance company. That will be done today. As much as I dread calling the insurance company, it needs to be done. After that, not sure what I will be doing... probably some dishes and folding of laundry. Then maybe straightening up the bedroom some... there are some corners of the bedroom that drive Paul nuts. I kind of like them messy only cause I have that... syndrome. Don't know what people call it, but I generally love just being surrounded by things with happy memories. It reminds me of a squirrel holed up in its tree house for the winter, surrounded by nuts! That is me in my bedroom, it is a very comforting place to be, so I will be sad to see it clean. :( Oh well. It doesn't stay clean for too long generally.

Just thought I would update on how we are doing weight wise. Together we have lost 25 pounds. Woot! :) Apart... I have lost 12 pounds and Paul about 13... maybe even more. We are faithfully taking our weights on Tuesdays, and I am faithfully keeping track of our food intake. We are doing the old weight watchers program, not the new with modified points. But we figured they are both fine, so why spend the extra money at the moment on the new program? Especially since I have all the materials and cook books from the old program.

Today is Ash Wednesday. :) I really hope we don't get too much snow that it makes it dangerous to drive to church... so keeping my fingers crossed. I really wished church was closer, but we can't have everything within 20 minutes drive... not in the Greater Milwaukee area anyways. The three places we go all the time are... Greenfield, WI to church, Sussex, WI to see some great friends, and Mequon, WI to see Paul's mom and step dad. Maybe I can find some place in between all of them. *ponders* maybe. We'll see. For now we are good in Grafton, it just means we have a 30-45 minute drive when we go to Greenfield or Sussex. So I really hope that the snow stops, and that roads are cleared and good to go in time for services tonight.

Hope everyone has a blessed Ash Wednesday. :)


Birdie said...

How lucky to find a start to your flower garden. Pretty fabric.

Jeanette said...

Lucky find. Makes a great start to you garden. Glad you are joining us. Happy Stitching

Karen said...

Lovely flowers to get you started. There is nothing like a mixed garden!

Renata said...

Schöne große Blumen, gefällt mir!

Viele Grüße!