Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday Monday ... was yesterday.

LOL So I started writing in my blog yesterday and... well I got distracted and that didn't happen.

So today is Tuesday! Woohoo! And yesterday and today I have had two cups of coffee and am bouncy! I should drink it more often, but perhaps then it wouldn't have quite the same effect. Yesterday once I got going I was able to get a lot accomplished... well a lot for me anyways. I cleaned Paul's bathroom! (all of it and not just wiping down things but like scrubbing and the floors and the trash and EVERYTHING! Even the floormat got put in the wash!) I also did the dishes! yay but I do those everyday so no surprise there. Then I did some laundry and took out all the trash! It had been accumulating in our garage and needed to be put in the dumpster, with all the rain/snow we had gotten I just didn't want to go out and get all wet. So yesterday was perfect so I went ahead and did it! Thank goodness I did it yesterday cause today is crappy again! I love the rain, I really do but I think I like Washington rain better than Wisconsin rain. Here it seems like I am always stepping into puddles or something and I really hate having wet pants, but I almost always have wet pant legs. :( Out in Washington it was rainy or drizzly... but it wasn't so bad, only thing I could complain about there was that I needed something to keep my glasses from being completely useless outside. Eh *shrug* there are positives about each place and of course the negatives so I will live here and be happy with it! :)

Not sure if I blogged about my toe a few weeks ago or not... but I had an ingrown toenail removed a few weeks ago and the doctor yesterday said it looks great and I only need to come back in if it is causing me trouble! woot! My toe is like a complete blog entry... this was the third time I had the procedure done and this time I think it's the last. Already looking and feeling better!

So I have decided a few things in regards to baby stuff... some resolutions one might say for modifying my thoughts and behaviors about it. First I am going to try to not think and worry about it as much as I have been. I don't think it's healthy for me to obsess over it, and if the thoughts do come flowing in, as they are known to do, then I will just move past them, through them onto another subject. The biggest thought lately is that I feel like I should have been able to stop the loss from occurring, like I should have done something differently. And boy do I know how unproductive that thought process can be.

So last night before going to bed, and probably every other night before going to bed, I made it a point to 1. pray the lord's prayer... which almost always helps sooth me, and 2. to pray for patience and trust in God's promises. I know that I am here to live my life, to not sit around in self pity and grief, so I am going to work on remembering that. I have a job to do, I am a wife to my husband, the caretaker of my household no matter how many people or pets or whatever are in it. So I will do my job, my calling as one might say. Yes my heart yearns for children, but perhaps that yearning comes from a desire to take care of people and to provide for someone or something that needs me. So I will focus on my husband (who definitely needs me to take care of him) and my cat (who also most definitely needs me) and then my friends and family, and will do what I can do for others.

In quilting news I have a few things that I would like to share... back a little while ago I made a block for Moda for a "just one star" program and they sent me this week a little charm pack of 2.5" squares, so cute! I love them! I can't wait to make some little thing, maybe a matching set of coasters or something. We don't have any nice coasters so those would be fun to make.

I have been doing a few swaps... one of them was an I-spy fabric swap. I got my fabric sent off and will be getting new fabric a little after May 1st, so within a couple of weeks. She's also doing a giveaway for those who sent in fabric so we'll see if I win any of that. :)

I did a mug rug swap... still need to send out the mug rug and will post a picture as soon as I load them on the computer. I really like it and it will be hard to giveaway, but that's ok.

I am also participating in a folded hexagon swap, I will post pictures once I do my first one as well.

Then when I can I am working on quilting Paul's quilt. I have almost three whole circle places done... and will be working on the fourth soon... but that only covers like... a 3 ft by 3 ft section of the quilt... still much left to be quilted! Soon!

And then the hexie flowers, which I have put together the groupings but haven't made a flower in a few weeks, will get back to doing that soon here.

Today I have distracted myself with doing stuff on Pinterest which... if you haven't seen is quite addicting once you start doing it. If anyone would like a invite just let me know, there's a waiting list unless you know someone already on it. Here's my page of pinterest stuff. :)

That's all for now, talk to everyone later!

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Thomas and Kara said...

Hey Cassie! I saw the link to your blog from a post you made on Babycenter. I too continue to pray for patience and trust. I will add you to my prayer list... Hopefully both us of will have a little one soon!