Sunday, October 16, 2011

Moving! Yes... again..

We have lived in so many different places since we got married... started in Cedarburg, moved to Grafton, then to South Milwaukee, then a huge change and out to Centralia, WA... then another huge change and back to Grafton, now to Menomonee Falls at the end of this month. Hopefully this move will last us awhile. We can see ourselves living there with one child, but two would make for crowded space... but possibly doable. We will see where we are led with this child having thing. Ideally I would like to have more than one child, but physically and emotionally it's hard to say what will happen. Just keep reminding myself that some things aren't certain, there's no guarantees for some things. And that's fine.

So Paul is enjoying his job, he goes downtown daily to work and gets to see people! people are good sometimes and I think it has helped to have some interaction with others besides his wife, mother and a few others.

Tomorrow afternoon I have an interview with Roundy's! Finally my waiting and patience has paid off. Please please let me get the job! I miss the group of friends that I have there, they have become like family and unfortunately I've been estranged from them for too long now. I am glad to be going back to work, this will be very good.

I went in to see my doctor for a 4 week follow up visit, we got to do the lovely pap smear which all us ladies love doing... right? And we talked about birth control and stuff, cause with Paul and I wanting to wait a year or so before trying again, well we need something. Since I don't have insurance she gave me a 6 month supply of pills, some samples she had. So I am going to take those, watch my blood pressure and hopefully by the time I need more I will have insurance or hopefully they aren't too expensive. We'll see. Just have to now wait for that lovely first period after losing Nicholas. After losing Christopher I kind of dreaded that first period thing, cause it meant I really wasn't pregnant, I really lost my baby. Now I don't dread it so much, not anymore than I do in general (who wants to have cramps and bleeding for a week or so?), now I am much more at peace with the idea of my body getting back to normal. It's a good thing.

Well for now I am going to go, I think it's time for me to play some minecraft... I want to build an inn! So Jeff, Nathan, Paul and I play on a server together, and have started doing this challenge thing where we have certain rules that we have to play within. It's a lot of fun, and I love getting to spend time with everyone, especially Jeff since I never see him anymore since he's so far away. Sometimes we even get on skype so I get the chance to hear his daughter Lydia from time to time... she is really really cute.

I think after we move we are going to try to make a trip down to a couple of friends houses... Sean and Becca's and Jeff and Liz's... they have their churches now and it would be nice to get to spend some time with them. Just have to work that out with them... but we have some time to do that.


Susan said...

Cassie, when people are on the Pill, it frequently makes them infertile afterwards for quite a while. For some women, they'll be infertile as long after they stop the pill as they were on the pill. Some women will be infertile twice as long. Some will be able to get pregnant within a couple of months after stopping. Some will become infertile for life by using the pill for a year or so. If you're hoping for a baby again in a year or so, I'd think quite a bit about using that particular form of contraception in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes well with your move and that you get to stay put for awhile. We're so glad to be done with moving, hopefully for a long, long time. You're always welcome to come and visit us!

Cassie said...

Susan - Yeah I am aware of that, we were on the pill for the first 5.5 years of marriage and the day we went off of it well... we got pregnant with Christopher, so I am not too concerned about that. I mostly don't want us to get pregnant before we are ready and from what I have read birth control pills have come a long way.

Sean thanks! We are really done with moving too, but of course if we decide to buy a house then there will be one more move. :) But yeah after we move I will talk to you about visiting!