Saturday, March 31, 2012

The end of another month

I was just thinking... "I wish I had one of those blogs that had a theme, like cooking or reading or crafting or something...." But perhaps I could be the "End of the month updating girl!" haha. I at least should be able to post once a month, so that's 12 posts in a year... I can do it!!!

I met with the UWM adult education people, they helped a lot. I applied to the University and had my transcripts sent to them. I don't know though if I am in or not... hard to say. We'll see. I should login to their special UWM site and see where they are with my transcripts and stuff. I hope I didn't have to do anything in addition to what I already did... I will check that too. Depending on how many credits will transfer will depend on how long I will end up going back for and whether it's full time or part time.

On that same note I had my review yesterday at work. Since I am so new they don't need to do an assessment formally of my performance, so I get to wait it out another year before that happens. I did get to fill out my goals for 2012 and discuss anything that I had been wanting to discuss. I let my boss know that I was going back to school and that I was seriously considering a career path in business... hmm I should have asked him about what type of degree would be best for that... but eh I will ask him later if I feel the need to, I would imagine most any type of business would be fine. I also got to talk about how sometimes I feel like I am spending a LOT of time waiting for others to give me work... which seems insane since the work I am waiting for is also the work that people are complaining about us being behind on... so something isn't jiving and someone isn't being completely honest about things. I'll just have to wait and see where things lead. Then there was a brief conversation about how I also feel like there's some personality differences going on... but whatever, he didn't seem too concerned just said to come talk to him if things got worse or where I couldn't handle it. I think my biggest gripe about the personality thing is that the two people I have problems with often talk down to me, they don't treat me as an equal and I don't know if that's an age thing or what... but it is seriously frustrating. For any of the people who read my blog who are by chance older and working with younger people... please try to not look down at them or talk down to them, nothing is worse than that. We like to be treated as equals just as much as everyone else does.

Diet changes have occurred, some of you may already know. I've stopped eating gluten. I did some reading and found others with psoriasis who had seen improvements and thought that it really couldn't hurt anything if I went without for a few weeks to see what happened and how my skin might react to the lack of gluten. Well I was really surprised to see any kind of improvement at all. And boy did it improve. I did have some small spots happen but they were more due to irritated skin because of clothing and stuff. The other night I ate some gluten to see what may happen and I had a larger than just spots flare up, the itching reminded me again of why I was doing this. I also hadn't realized how much itching I really was living with until it was nearly all gone. Before I was itching all day every day and probably because I was eating gluten filled foods all day everyday. I've also been able to now say no to a lot of food that I otherwise before wouldn't have said no to. Now I have a reason a motivation behind saying no. It feels good to not itch, it feels good to be able to know that there's hope for my skin to be completely healed. So we'll see, only time will tell. I am always looking for good gluten free recipes so if you want to share then please do! :)

This month we've kind of slowed down on our working out since for the last month we've been on and off sick (either us or our friends) so took a break... I am thinking we will get back into it on Tuesday. I do need to start doing more here at the house, I want to start doing my running program and really want to one day be able to run a 5k without dying. So yeah... goals and stuff. :) Things to work on.

Hmm so that's about it. Maybe I'll update more than once a month... but at least on the last day of the month. hehe.

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