Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Sister

She is the cutest, biggest pregnant woman ever... she isn't that big, but she is big... it is cute.

I wish I could be doing that pregnant stuff with her and knowing how she is feeling with it and what not. I guess this is one of those things she gets to do before me... *sigh* OH well. My day will come... probably when she is all done having babies and then ... hopefully we will start. That will be a good time.

I wish she was closer though so I could go up to her belly and talk to the little one... and pet her belly. If anything she is the only person in the world besides my own mother that I could probably get away with petting bellies. So... Katie move closer to me now! I am missing you and your baby and your husband. Moo... Wisconsin is almost like Montana... minus the mountains and the fires in the mountains... plus a huge gigantic lake and many many geese and your sister. *nods*

OH well. I guess I will just focus fire on my moving and new home/apartment. I hope to send money to Katie so that she can send me her extra camera so that then we can take pictures of our new place. I am working on that Katie in my head. It might be something I do after we move. Yeah probably something done after moving.

Also today is stupid... I am feeling sick and we have a friend coming up from Chicago that we haven't met before and I am not going to be able to talk because of a sore throat. How moo is that?

Well anyways, off I go... I think I need to post this in all my other online blogs. Save me time for typing and then I can get my packing done this morning. Yep that's it... packing. :)


Jeff said...

You can pet my belly sometime Cassie.

It'll be a little odd...

Jeff said...

Hi Cassie!

Yep, I have a blog!

It was nice to hear from you. How are thing in the Great North?

Susan said...

Cassie, tag! You're it!