Friday, June 13, 2008


The trip was good, and very soothing, got to spend time with friends and talk of our good times we had as a group. Visited the grave, thought of the last time I saw and talked to her. I am going to be creating a website where my friends and I can post stories and pictures of our times together with my friend Amanda. Does anyone know of a good one? I was thinking of having everyone send me the pictures and then using google photo to post pictures and people could comment on the pictures with their stories. *ponders*

In other news, my husband is one year older as of yesterday... We are officially 2 years apart until December when I add a year to my age, then it's back to 3. :)

Also today is Friday the 13th, and Paul is going on a three day trip to Chicago on the 16th so we are trying to spend some time together before that happens. So we went to the movies tonight and saw "The Happening" and both decided it was a waste of $18.00. Sad. We have liked other movies done by this director but this one was just... so "eh". The highlight of the evening for Paul was probably the Whopper he had... though it had no cheese or tomatoes! blah. My highlight of the evening were the planes we saw taking off, there were so many of them on the way to the theater and on the way home. :) I love living near the airport. A friend told me of a Budget theater that I need to check out, cause it's $2.00 a show. it's right in Greenfield. So... we will see. Also she said that Nims Island was a very very cute movie, and entertaining for kids and adults. So maybe Paul and I can see that. Maybe. *hopes*

So... I am back and that's it. :)


Rachel said...

Nim's Island is adorable- and that budget theater (if I'm thinking of the same one) is right on 108th north of Layton. You'd drive past an awesome little gaming store to get to it!

Cassie said...

I will have to look at that store, I am sure Paul and I would love it. Now to play wow! :)