Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Family, Friends... Can't wait

I leave Thursday morning to see my family and friends in Virginia. Hopefully that night I will be able to see My cousin and his wife before they go on vacation on Saturday, My cousin just got back from fighting overseas so I am very very glad that he came back safely. He has gone twice, this time he was in Kuwait and last time he was in Afghanistan, his troop lost two men in the Afghanistan trip, I don't believe there were any casualties this last trip. My cousin got married last year before he shipped out and for the whole year his wife has been by herself, but now they are reunited. :)

Friday I plan on spending my whole day with my group of friends who were all part of my friends life that passed away last Monday. This is definitely something I need right now, it is very hard to be away from people during times like this. I have friends who love me here and want to support me here in Wisconsin, but none of them know my friend, and I really need to share stories with my friends. To know that we are all having a hard time right now, that it's ok that I am not "Okay" with this yet. Yesterday I talked to one of the girls and it was so nice to be able to share some of the harder moments this past week. I will be visiting the grave on Friday and possibly visiting with the family, we will see what they are up to.

Saturday and Sunday I hope are family and baby filled. I keep getting videos of my nephew sent to me and they are just so cute! He is discovering his hands and how to grab at things, he loves to sit in his bouncy chair and play with this toy that has song, lights and a dancing monkey! How much better can you get? He kicks his feet to the music and gets really excited.

Monday and Tuesday I hope my parents are able to take the days off and that we are able to spend them together. If they have to work then I will have to see. One of those days I have to go see my grandma, she is getting older and every second counts, every visit is important. She is looking forward to seeing me and I am looking forward to seeing her.

Wednesday I head back to Wisconsin... such a short trip home. :( I wish we lived closer to family, but I really wish they lived more out here. The climate in VA really makes me cranky, and miserable. We will see, I think in the long run I will be further away from my family but closer to Paul's, Paul wants to move to Washington or Oregon in a few years so we will see what happens.

Anyways, off to get ready for work. Gotta wake up Paul in a bit so he can get ready and then we walk to the bus stop! :)


Laura said...


I am sorry we didn't get to talk at church on Sunday. I thought we could after Bible Class, instead I needed to get a loud little boy home. I hope your trip is a trip that offers some healing after going through such a terrible time. By your post I can see that you are already realizing how important the people are in one's life and that is a blessing.

God grant you a safe trip!


Cassie said...

Thanks Laura!
I hope that the trip goes well, flying sometimes makes me nervous even though I love flying.