Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stuff on Vacation

The last few days have been busy. Friday we went down to Portland, Oregon to meet a friend that we know from playing World of Warcraft. He was very nice, almost exactly as we thought he would be, a tad shorter than we had thought. Had a lot of fun seeing the city there, I have never seen that city before and was very excited. We saw multiple mountains like Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Ranier (I think), and Mt. Stevens. It was pretty cool, next time I am going to take a map of Washington with me. I have an atlas that I would like to highlight the different roads I have been down and keep track of where I have gone in Washington.

My mother in law and her husband got in Friday and went to her mom's place. We were going to go there Friday night but were all so tired and no one felt safe enough to drive the hour and a half drive. They live on the port, and look out their front window to see the harbor, and ships. We left to go to their place and ended up having car trouble and getting there two hours late (some of that two hours was just us leaving later than we wanted to). I got to see the antique shop that Paul's grandparents own and run, that was pretty cool. I love antique shops. I love Paul's grandparents, we call them the Quacks, I think cause his grandpa used to quack at them, lol.

We went on a walk on the beach there, saw the Pacific ocean, and the beautiful waves. Lots of sand dollar things. The one on the left is the most common thing we saw (I borrowed this picture from someone online, not one I took but very close to what we really saw).
I saw some whole ones but I decided to not keep them, not really sure what they were and how/why they washed up on the shore. I hated the idea of possibly killing a living thing by picking it up. I now know that I didn't kill it, they wash up on the shore after they die, it is the way the ocean cleans these out/up.

Later that day we got to go out to eat with the Quacks for Pizza, and with Paul's mom and her husband, it was a lot of fun. We then went back to their place and had blackberry pie that was made especially for Paul, since he loves the pie. As we were getting ready to leave Paul and I went to look at the harbor and were lucky enough to see a seal sticking it's head up and swimming about, that was really cool. Paul, his mom and her husband and I went back to his sister's place and went to sleep. I realized this was the first time that I had driven further than a half hour with Paul's mom and her husband, it was fun.

This morning we were able to hold our two month old nephew :) he has a head full of hair and brown eyes. He is so pretty and so small. I love babies, love holding them, watching them and just loving on them. We also got to see Paul's older sister and her husband (the parents of our nephew), they said their plane trip was good, which could have been bad flying with a kid.

Currently Paul and I are alone, the rest of the family went to meeting, they are all Jehovah's Witness's, which is a bit weird for me since I have never been a Witness, and I think it is awkward for Paul since he used to be a Witness but now we are Lutheran. It just is weird.

Later today we are going to a family potluck... so that should be interesting. I get to meet Paul's extended family on his dad's side of the family. It will be a lot of people and I am kind of nervous. I just hope I don't put my foot in my mouth like I usually do, or say anything weird.

Alright going for now, the family will be back in probably an hour or so... I think anyways.



Lukey's Mommy said...

You won't put your foot in your mouth! Hey can you send me a pic of your nephew on Paul's side? Would love to see him.... especially if you have one of you holding him!

Cassie said...

Don't have one of me holding him, but I do have one of him sleeping. I think Kelly took a picture of me trying to calm him down on his nap, I will have to get that from her... cause I forgot my camera at home (makes me mad to think about).