Friday, May 15, 2009

Morning worry is over...

I met my father in law... he is a nice man. It's sad though, this whole situation, just very sad. I want to just sit down and cry for a million years... and I would if that would make things better.

One step at a time, maybe things will change...

Need to keep going though, move on and not dwell on this morning... or I really will spend my whole day crying.

Got a lot of cleaning done yesterday, need to do some more stuff today, vacuum and put away laundry and generally straighten up stuff. Still need to hang pictures... I know I said I was going to do that two days ago, but I just didn't get around to it. I did get two pictures hung... :) A painting I got when I went to Greece and a picture that my parents got us from a cruise they went on. (up above)

I will try to finish putting those up today. It's good to finish what you start... right? :)


Jeff said...

Finishing things is over-rated. ;)

Sorry to hear about tensions between people. We're praying for you.

Pray the Psalms (38, 46, 90, etc.). Things will work out. We miss you guys.

Cassie said...

Thanks Jeff. I will try praying those.

We miss you guys too! Who knows, if it doesn't work here we might end up closer... :)