Thursday, July 9, 2009


Yesterday we got our box of veggies from the CSA. We got Shell peas, have snow peas still from last week, lettuce, kohlrabi, green onions, and carrots. I might just make a soup or something. I have such a hard time figuring out what to do with the things that come in the box. If I make soup them I can freeze some of it if I wanted to save for later. Hmmm. Hmm I might just do a roasted veggie thing in the oven with the kohlrabi, green onions and carrots. I don't know!

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also does anyone know if I can just cook the shell peas as they are, or do I need to actually shell them? Thanks for your help.


Susan said...

Can you cook kohlrabi? We always just cut it into sticks and nibble on it raw as we're getting supper ready.

Our CSA had snow peas this week, but looking at them I thought they were shelling peas. I started shelling, and Andrew didn't want to help me. "Can't we just leave them in the shells?" So we tasted one, and it was sweet and chewable. So I checked the list of veggies for the week, and sure enough, they were snow peas. But the peas I planted were shell peas -- and if we pick them young enough and flat enough, the shells are fine. So try tasting a pod unshelled. If it's woody or tough, then bother shelling. Otherwise, go ahead and enjoy them as they are.

Melissa Haren said...

If the shell isn't too tough, we love to saute the peas in a little olive oil and garlic. They are best al dente, but if the shell is too tough, cooking them a little longer will help some. And I've never cooked kohlabi, either! Let us know what you do!

Cassie said...

Yes you can cook Kohlrabi :)

I will have to saute them I think. I love the idea of using all the parts of the vegetables if I can. I have been trying to use each part.