Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dinner was...

a soup!

I chopped the carrots, chopped the zuchini, chopped the chard, chopped the kohlrabi, and used the Bob's Red Mill vegi soup mix and lots of water (too much water).

So it smelled really really good, and I was so excited. I took a spoonful and tried it and it tasted like water... and I was disappointed. So I added some seasonings, pepper and some veggie seasoning mix. Still wasn't quite right... so I did what everyone should do... I got out my blender! I love that thing!

The final thing tasted like Potato soup creamed! And it was green! How much better can it get?!?!?!

So yes people you can cook kohlrabi, I kind of treated it like a potato. It is apparently in the family of cauliflower and broccoli and brussel sprouts... so I was doing what I would do with them. Although you can also eat them raw.

The box from CSA has definitely helped me learn more about vegetables and I have had to get very creative.

Tomorrow we will have peas sauted in butter and garlic for some yummyness.

Paul had a doctor's appointment this morning to go over his results from a blood test and his x ray of his shoulder. Apparently he has a separation between these two bones in his shoulder which normally have nothing separating them. So in 3 weeks he is going to another doctor a specialist to have it looked at. His blood test came back as Paul having high cholesterol. So we are trying to change our eating. I hope we can do it. The doctor did give him pills to lower it, but if in 3 months it really is lower then we are going to see what happens with just diet and exercise.

Since I have been back I haven't taken any time to quilt much... I will be changing that very soon. I think about it often but haven't done anything yet.

I think part of it is cause I wasn't feeling well for awhile. I had a sore throat and ear hurting because of the throat problem. Went to the doctor, it isn't strep and it isn't mono but it is a virus. So not sure what it is quite yet. They are still doing tests. I always love doing blood tests because it takes about an hour for them to get any blood from me. My veins are very well hidden. So I had three pricks with the needle before they got some blood, and even then she was like "I will have to make this work". She didn't want to prick me one more time. Although I still had a few spots on my arm that haven't felt the pain of a needle. :)

Anyways, gonna go now, we are watching Babylon 5. Not sure how I like it just yet, still on the first season, this is the 6th episode that we are in.

OH one other thing, I have an oranging tomato! :) that is exciting. I will take pictures later. Maybe once it's red. I hope it tastes good. It's the big beef tomato and I am sure it would make a great bowl of soup just on it's own... it's huge!


Katsuke said...

It does get a lot better after the first season, but you need that background or it doesn't make sense.
Zathras knows!

Cassie said...

well, we will keep trying it out for now. It's like a sci fi soap opera... which is kind of like "what?!" We will see though.

Melissa said...

That sounds great! Thanks for sharing your yummy creation!