Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I hate putting titles on blog entries... ! :)

I keep thinking about being pregnant again, and when I do I just keep praying that everything will go fine. I hate that our first pregnancy ended how it did, it makes all future pregnancies uneasy for me to think about. The doctors did tell us that nothing we did caused the miscarriage and that chances of this happening again were very very low, that most people have normal pregnancies after miscarriages.

I just keep trying to have faith that everything will go fine.

But I don't have to worry about that yet... not pregnant again yet. So I will try to just think about the tasks at hand today...
- Cleaning off the tables
- Cleaning the cat box
- Dishes
- Laundry
- Taking out the trash
- Calling insurance company
- Making lunch and dinner
- Quilting tonight if I get a chance
- And possibly playing on my game Eternal Visions

That seems like a good deal to me... perhaps there are more to be done but I will stick with that for now.

Hope everyone has a great Fat Tuesday. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, and soon we will have Holy Week!

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