Saturday, June 25, 2011

House update!

We've decided to not buy a house at this time. It just is easier if we wait a year so that we can build up more of a down payment, get on a budget and increase our credit score. Apparently being cash people is a bad thing when trying to get a loan... which I knew but I figured since we had paid off student loans and credit card debt that it wouldn't be a big deal... but I guess it was. I need to call the lady at the bank back and talk to her some about our different options for increasing our credit score. She also was going to talk to me some about the buying house process since there's a lot to it and we had some questions about it.

So yeah, next year at this time we may be looking at houses again. Which is fine, we aren't in a rush to get into debt. We have decided we want a 10 year loan with payments of $850-$950... so we need a larger down payment and then we can get less of a loan. Makes sense right? :) I look forward to having a house of our own but I am fine with waiting at the moment.

Job update - so I like my job ok, but I really don't think it's something I would want to do permanently, so if they offer it to me I will probably end up saying no. i don't enjoy collecting money from businesses... but you never know until you try something. So I have given it a 4 week try and have made some assessments. But for the moment I am still working here, which is fine. :)

Time for bed though, church in the morning and Paul unfortunately leaves me tomorrow for 5 days to go to Asheville, NC :( So I will be alone but I don't think I will be bored. There's plenty to do around the apartment and with friends and family. Ok well night!


Laura said...

We use a few credit cards and pay them off each month. So, you still have the cash to pay them....but you use them to your advantage. We get lots of free gas from our BP card. Maybe a system like that would help with your score...but still keep you true to your cash policy...which is awesome!

Deborah in Atlanta said...

I was a civilian employed with the Army and took a job in Germany. I was there for 7 years. During that time, I opened a checking account with the local military bank (on the military installation), and was issued a Debit card. My husband and I both believe in paying cash for everything we can. So if I bought something, I used the debit card. No problem. UNTIL I RETURNED TO THE STATES. I couldn't find a job in my hometown, and Atlanta was as close as I could get. Rather than rent, I decided to buy. Now comes the problem. I had virtually be "off the map" as far as credit went because I had been paying for everything with cash or my debit card. suggestion...get several credit cards (with the bank, with a department store or home repair store). Make TWO payments each month to pay off the credit cards. Don't ask me why that's important, it just is. I just make it a point to sign in on-line and make on-line payments to the charge cards twice a month. And do you know what? When I first returned from Germany, I could only get a credit card with a $400 credit line. What??? Now, my credit line is $10K. For some stupid reason, you have to work the system. Good luck!