Monday, August 22, 2011

No longer working!

So some of you may know that I gave my notice and as of 8/12/2011 I am no longer working. I was finding it exhausting to go to work every day for 8 hours, plus the hour-1.5 hour long commute and then I would get home and have to make dinner and possibly do some cleaning if I could manage, at least some laundry. Under not-pregnant circumstances this is fine, but being pregnant this was making it really difficult. I hit second trimester and expected more energy as people have said... but haven't found it, if it was ever here it has now hidden from me and is not existant. So this led to me giving my notice.

Plus the closer we got to when we lost our baby boy in our last pregnancy the more anxious I have gotten. Yesterday we hit the 18 week mark, we lost our baby boy at 18 weeks 5 days, so that would be this Thursday for me. It is crazy how vivid that last week of my previous pregnancy is still, I remember it as if it was yesterday. Perhaps that's why I am having so much anxiety. Who knows. I did get a doppler to help relieve some anxiety, it is helping some but I don't really know how much. I think about our last pregnancy and how everything was going great, no reason to think that we would have any issues, no bleeding, cramping, or anything except for my water breaking at 17 weeks 7 days, but even before that, no reason to think anything was wrong, and after that everything seemed normal for the most part. But oh well, listening to the heartbeat has it's own comforting things. :) Here's a recording I did of the heartbeat, the swoosh swoosh sound is the heartbeat, and the video part is not from the same sound event... two separate things that I put together cause they were about the same length and from the same day. This was 9 days ago. :)

On September 8th we find out if this is a boy or girl growing in my belly. So that's exciting. Below are pictures from when I was 15 weeks and 7 days pregnant, and the ultrasound is from the day prior. :)

Nothing much to talk about at the moment, just not working anymore, trying to rest up, and having a hard time getting anything else done really. :(

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Sandra said...

Congratulations on your exciting news! Keep us posted on how you are doing:)